Water Management

AIS uses a central control irrigation system to monitor and manage the irrigation of landscapes for various sized properties. The goal is to accomplish the challenging priorities of having well-watered plant material using a minimal amount of water.

As crucial as Smart technology is to achieving this objective, AIS recognizes that it is not enough. It also requires on site evaluations of System DU, Matched Precipitation, Cycle soak needs based on soil type and slope and accurate mapping of individual irrigation root zone measurement, thorough on-site inspections of these zones and consistent monitoring of plant health with water manager.

AIS recognizes that each property is unique, even under identical weather conditions, and having on site periodical water management is crucial to the Smart Controller being applied to its greatest effectiveness.

AIS remotely monitors and manages the site’s irrigation systems to ensure maximum irrigation
efficiency and minimum water use. Water management includes programming each sprinkler zone for a demanded precipitation rate and continually adjusting each zones run time as needed to meet the daily irrigation demand , scheduling irrigation days around events, canopy or site rentals and maintenance to avoid conflict with users and observing for irregular water applications noting a possible pipe break, broken head, or faulty valve.

It takes two to three years to dial in a central irrigation system to get the maximum efficiency and increase the root zone depth to a more desirable level. It also needs yearly water management to continually save water.

Water Management along with the correct use of smart technology is the 3rd step to saving water!