Irrigation Design

WATER CONSERVING IRRIGATION A DESIGN: properly size irrigation system components; map system in digital format; determine layout for water distribution uniformity; configure hydraulic distribution. So that no portion of the landscape is over-watered just to avoid dry spots in the turf. And Eliminate the Squishy lawn. To many times I see hydraulics incorrectly designed. Or the incorrect use of a sprinkler. Example using a 45psi regulated head on a system that has a Static pressure at the poc of 50psi. These are some of the things we see in designs. Our goal is to bring the level of irrigation up to its appropriate level. As part of our designs we determine the correct central control and smart technology is used that best fits the site and the client. To many times Central control and smart technology is designed on sites based off the designers relationship with the manufacture sales rep. At AIS we don’t believe this is always in the best interest of the client. As such we strive to familiarize are selves with multiple types of central control and smart technology.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce water consumption significantly while bolstering plant health, enhancing plant appearance and increasing the overall ‘greenness’ of the entire landscape.

Irrigation Design is the 1st step to savings water!