Irrigation Design

At AIS, we do irrigation design to ensure proper techniques are used to make sure the client gets the best system for them. Too many times irrigation designs are done without correct knowledge of proper product, hydraulics, filtration, precipitation rates, distribution uniformity, psi, soil type, and slops resulting in an irrigation system that uses 20-60& more water.
Water Conservation
Our goal is to show our clients how to keep their existing landscapes while using 20-60% less water. Currently we have saved our clients over 70 million gallons of water. The average water savings per site is 50%.

Construction Administration

We manage new and remodel project installs to ensure that systems are installed correctly by contractors. Often times good irrigation designs are not followed up on site during construction to keep the contractor from cutting corners. Without good project management, irrigation systems are often replaced within 5-10 years.

Water Management

At AIS, we use central control irrigation systems to monitor and manage irrigation systems remotely. The goal is to accomplish the challenge of having correctly watered plant material using a minimal amount of water. As crucial as it is to have an irrigation system that is done correctly, it is equally important to have a control system that can estimate water use based on plant type, soil type, root depth, slope, and then adjust that system daily based on weather or soil moisture.

Additional Services: Irrigation Audit | Central Control Operation & Training Pumps & Filtration Design | Water Conservation | Training | Irrigation Master Planning | Existing Irrigation System Analysis | Irrigation Design and Cost Estimate

  • Pump & Filtration Design
  • Water Conservation
  • Irrigation Master Planning
  • Existing irrigation system analysis
  • Irrigation design cost estimating
  • Site specific Irrigation estimating for Water requirements
  • Collaboration with landscape design teams to balance and size turf, drought tolerant turf and landscape beds